Summer has begun and it’s time now for some swimming. You bought a new swimming outfit and are now ready to dive in the pool and start swimming. However, just getting a pair of Speedo is not enough. Take a look at this article and see what swimming accessories you will need before entering the pool.


Swim suit

It goes without saying that you can’t get in the pool completely naked or dressed in a normal t-shirt and jeans. What you need is a good swimming suit. There’s really no rule for which kind you should use except that it needs to be comfortable and your size. Ask about the different fabrics and designs you can wear and decide which one will work best for you.


A typical public swimming pool is full of different chemicals and you don’t want any of those to get in your eyes. This is why it is essential that you wear swimming goggles to protect your eyes. While chlorine is really helpful for killing the bacteria in the pool, it can also be damaging to your eyes. Also, in many public swimming pools, goggles are a necessary part of swimming equipment.



Your ears are equally vulnerable to the chemicals as your eyes. In order to protect them, you should wear earplugs. Most people ignore this and enter the pool without earplugs, only to get a bacteria enter your ear canals and cause infection. Just how important it is to wear earplugs? Have you heard of a disease called Swimmer’s ear? This is quite a common infection in children and besides being painful can lead to loss of hearing.


Nose plugs

This isn’t really necessary, but if you have your hair often under the water or start panicking as soon as you feel a little water entering your nostrils, than nose plugs can help you with this. This accessory is particularly important for anyone who is just starting to swim.


Swim cap

Most people think that swimming caps are worn only by professionals like Michael Phelps, or they don’t wear them because they think they look silly in them, but this is another important swimming accessory, which is used not only to keep your hair dry, but also to protect it from any chemicals that can be found in the water.


Now that you have successfully bought all of these accessories, you might not be ready to win the Olympic swimming race, or anything like it, but your swimming experience will be much better and you will also be safe from any chemicals and bacteria that can be found in the pool. You can buy all of these accessories in your swimwear shop, or you can find them on the Internet as well. They don’t need to be expensive or to look high-tech, the most important thing is that your swimming gear can protect your eyes, ear, nose and hair from infection and also that you feel comfortable while you swim in it.

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